Visit from Uncle Chris

About a month ago, Jen's brother Chris had to be in town for work so swung by for a visit. Here are some photos of them getting to know one another. While she did finally smile at him, it took some time.

Who's this guy?

Not super impressed Uncle Chris. What else do you have?

Chris is singing a song that my niece Rowan used to love ... Evelyn not so much. 

Okay, he'll do. We'll keep him.



After the rice cereal came barley cereal a week later. Another few days and we tried avocado. Often babies love avocado (which she does by the time I'm finally posting this late October), but on September 3rd, Evelyn wasn't sure we knew what we were doing as parents.

Little bit messy.

Really guys!?!? Seriously?!?!


She would take a bite with no drama but would always make this face and shudder about 10 seconds later.

See, here's our proof she was actually enjoying this experience.

We're following some baby-led weaning theories with food introduction and they recommend whole foods, not everything pureed. Here Evelyn is back to doubting our decisions. Not much of a fan of whole avocado.


First Food

So we're a week shy of Evelyn's 6-month birthday and she's been showing a lot of interest in what we're eating. August 21st was the big day to try rice cereal. We'd heard this could be very messy so she's just in her diaper.

First bite - not very impressed.

She'd happily take another bite and each time look at us like ~ why oh why?

Welcome to our home Winston Churchill. 

So glad that's over. That was fun.

All smiles after the food is gone. She probably only ate about a teaspoon of cereal.


Pemberton Visit

August 16 to 19, we headed to Pemberton to visit Grandma and Poppa Michel at their cabin. While Evelyn's sleeping was not great, we had a wonderful visit complete with bear sightings! Below are some photos of Evelyn playing with her grandparents one morning.

Ohhhhh... stripes!

I LOVE this game!

OMG, I'm having so much fun! (You can't hear them but they're both screaming with delight).

Phew, that was fun. What's next?


Man in the Moon

For the month of August, Jay was taking Evelyn to the library Sunday mornings for the Man in the Moon program. They both seemed to have a great time!

Photos by Sarah Rees -